Oct 22, 2019
Jim Carmichael
PTSD Speaker

Military Experience:

Served a tour of combat in Vietnam (1967-68) with Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 26th

       Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division

Spent 77 days on hills 861a, 861, and 558 at Khe Sanh during ’68 Tet Offensive

Earned Combat Action Ribbon, 2 Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry, the 26th Marine

       Regiment was awarded Presidential Unit Citation for the siege of Khe Sanh

I am 100% service connected


PTSD History:

Diagnosed with delayed PTSD in 1997

Attempted suicide in 2006



Chaplain 6 years on Advisory Committee of Georgia National Cemetery, Canton, GA 

Chairman of Friends of Veterans for 5 years, Canton, GA

Graduate of Theology (1978-81)

Masters of Divinity Degree (1989-1993)

Ph.D (2014-16) - Dissertation: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Portal of Suffering

       Through Which Combat Veterans And Their Families Must Pass In Order To Be

       Established As God’s Mediatorial Humanity

Pastored 2 churches

Served on Campus Crusade for Christ staff, 1975-77

Taught Bible in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Haiti, India, Mexico, Columbia S.A.


Publications & Interviews: 

1st Book – “A Long Healing Come Slowly about PTSD”

2nd Book – “So, You’ve Seen the “Elephant,” and Now You Need Help with Your

    P.T.S.D.? Vol. 1

3rd Book – “So, You’ve Seen the “Elephant,” and Now You Need Help with Your

                           P.T.S.D.? Vol. 2 

Articles for Red Clay, magazine of the Khe Sanh Veterans

Interviewed on WATC, Channel 57 two times

Interviewer for and been interviewed on WPCG/Grace Radio 102.9 many times